Projects, references

We can program an e-shop or other project, portal or internet magazine exactly according to your needs. Here are some references.

In addition, we will be happy to help you with the analysis and answer to the question „Where to go?“, so that it makes sense in terms of price.


Signature B2C e-shop View online

LIQUA is a global technology company that develops and sells e-liquids and e-cigarettes in 85 countries around the world. The company was founded in 2009 and now has an international team of over 200 experts.

For its signature e-shop chose our e-commerce platform, with massive customization, support for various marketing activities, carriers, and connection to internal ERP.

The company has 2 production plants, one in the Czech Republic and the other in China, as well as 3 distribution centers.


B2B, 5 domains, 5 languages View online

A-Z TRADERS is a young company that was founded only 2 years ago, yet in 2022 it sold over 30,000 certified switchboards. With the production of switchboards or charging stations for electric cars, it occupied up to half of all family homes in the country that had photovoltaics installed in a given year. Fantastic growth (

For further growth of B2B business they chose our e-shop solution. In the background, everything is connected online to Pohoda, and the e-shop contains a number of B2B customization for customer pricing and offers, including CRM and customer and company management.


Expansion to 6 countries + mobile app View online

ZOOT is the best-known fashion brand in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. For its foreign expansion to Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Romania and Slovenia the company chose our platform.

Within just 3 months, we programmed and delivered a turnkey functional e-shop solution for expansion, including integration into the proprietary warehouse system of ZOOT in Říčany near Prague.

We also helped with the transition to a new accounting system in ZOOT (K2 ERP, from the previous Money S5), ensured cross-listing of goods, connection to the marketplace of suppliers such as UA, GAP, Vuch, and added functions for unified Customer Care support of both companies.



B2C and B2B, 7 domains, mobile app View online

Cooperation with Syntex Praha s.r.o. was started a few years ago with the development of the Czech e-shop

Thanks to great satisfaction with our solution, we subsequently also programmed a solution for, two different accounting systems Money S4 (CZ) and Stormware Pohoda (SK), different price lists, translations, presentations, while in the background there is still one common e-shop platform and merged warehouses.

Subsequently, a Hungarian, German, Slovenian, Croatian and English variant was added.

In addition to retail e-shops, there is also a B2B shop in operation, with dealer prices, delivering to all countries of the European Union. And we are preparing to launch a SYNTEX mobile application for iPhone and Android.


B2C, 30 years on the market View online

Creating an e-shop for Robert Štěrba was a great honor for us. Robert is a 5-time champion of the republic in cycling, since 1989 manufactures its own bicycle frames and since 1992 has been running the ŠtěrbaBike company for 30 years with a lot of very satisfied and loyal customers. And several of his employees have been with the company for more than 25 years to date.

The e-shop is connected online to the Helios Red information system, from which all products are loaded, orders are entered, shipping takes place and stock is managed. For search we use ElasticSearch with a user-defined dictionary, marketing is connected to Ecomail.


B2C and B2B, CZ & SK & PL View online

Transport, store and deliver ten kilogram bags of food for dogs and cats logistically, it's not exactly easy, but when the client is strategically located in the Krkonoše Mountains, they can effectively serve three countries simultaneously.

We programmed a new Czech e-shop for Krmení.cz, and subsequently expanded it with retail e-shops for Slovakia and Poland, and then added three B2B stores for these countries.

Tens of thousands of items are in stock in the system, online connection to the accounting and warehouse system Pohoda, support for payments not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Slovakia and Poland, and all this mixed with excellent customer support, expert advice from the Veterinary Consultancy, and the frequently updated blog My Dog and My Cat make Krmení.cz one of the most popular feed e-shops in the Czech Republic.


B2B, 5 domains, K2 ERP View online

The basic requirement of Chromservis s.r.o. was the new B2B e-shop to by fully automatically synchronized with the entire product database of tens of thousands of products, parameters, filters, images, labels and translations from K2 to eshop. products, categories, manufacturers, prices in several currencies, 5 language versions of the e-shop, all of this is loaded in the background from K2 ERP.

The e-shop supports various B2B functions - client groups and dealer prices, offers, the possibility of manual approval of registrations and assigning customers to the appropriate trader.


B2C, connection to 30 suppliers, CZ and SK View online

Selling mobile phones is not easy, and not only because of the huge competition.

Introduce thousands of models of mobile phones, each with hundreds of parameters, tens of thousands of accessories for them, 11 own stores and warehouses, add to that over 30 different B2B suppliers with automatic updates of their inventory and prices and make sure it works great.

This is what we designed and delivered during a 6 month implementation for F-Mobil.


B2C and B2B, 5 languages and currencies View online

Five years ago, for the customer LipDistribution s.r.o. began to design the first custom e-shop

The customer was so satisfied with our work that to date we operate 21 e-shop domains for him in five different languages and currencies, delivering to 30 different countries in Europe.

The e-shop is connected online with the accounting and warehouse system InfoOffice, plus there is also a connection to 10 brick-and-mortar stores. We work with more than 150 thousand active stock cards.


B2C and B2B, 5 languages and currencies View online

LipDistribution previously operated the brands Templestore, Megaskate, eShatna and Swis-shop as separate e-shops from different creators. Transfer of all 20 domains and services under our common "megaplatform" and unified administration considerably everything made it cheaper and made it possible to offer new services, loyalty programs, turnover discounts, gifts, joint warehouse management.