How much will it cost?

The key question, of course.

We develop e‑shops and portals exactly according to your needs. You will be able to quickly offer new and better features to customers, increase your turnover, work better with marketing tools. Back-end or warehouse work in your new e-shop will be more efficient and economical. Typically, your new e-shop will pay for itself within a few months.

We will help you with analysis and suggest appropriate ways to grow.

Complete customized e-shop 400 - 600 000 Kč

Custom graphics, connection to your accounting and warehouse system, support for 10+ marketing platforms, newsletter automation, similar and alternative goods, sets of goods, B2C and B2B functions, data migration from the existing system.

E-shop including mobile applications from 1 mil. Kč

In addition, a number of domains, languages, currencies, customized connections to accounting and warehouse systems (Money, K2, and others), native mobile apps for iPhone and Android, excellently documented Swagger API and other functions according to your needs.

What is included in the price?

In the price of our system, you get all our know-how, functions, incorporated feedback from other customers and many years of development. Building a similar system from scratch would cost tens of millions of Kč.

For all projects, we set a fixed implementation price together and stick to it.

Similarly, with a contractual commitment, we will meet the agreed delivery dates.

Compared to custom development at your company, which can take years, cost 5-10 million Kč, and have an uncertain result, we are able to supply you with a fully functional e-shop platform, including a mobile application for production within half a year and at a lower price.

Our hourly rate is 1 500 Kč for senior programming work.

How does a typical
implementation work?

Draw for yourself where you want to move your solution, for example turnover, from a margin point of view, profitability, efficiency, or use of new technologies, where you want to eventually expand.

We will arrange a personal meeting or a Google Meet / Teams online meeting and discuss your needs.

We map out your existing solution, its strong and weak points, your growth goals and vision. Where do you want to be in 3 years?

We will suggest areas for improvement, price them, add to a timetable.

We will agree on the development priorities, the contract and the gradual handover of the work.

If necessary, we will arrange any additional experts and take over the full warranty for them.

No later than the agreed date and with an agreed price in advance you will receive a ready and fully functional e-shop. We only take work that we can deliver in 100% quality.

We are committed to supporting your project and its 24/7 operation, and we will like to participate in its further development.