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<the most important features of the e-shop>

We can program the e-shop exactly to your needs, but beyond that, we have a range of ready to deploy, instantly usable modules so we don't have to spend time reinventing the wheel :)>

What's ready and deployed?

Payment gateways

  • PayU – payment gateway for CZK, EUR, GBP, HRK, HUF, PLN, RON, USD and other currencies
  • GoPay – complete payment gateway support
  • ComGate – connection to the payment gateway; support for quick payment buttons
  • Twisto – support for online processing and settlement of deferred payments
  • GP Webpay – support for accepting MasterCard / VISA payment cards, used by Česká spořitelna, Raiffeisenbank, Komerční banka and others
  • ČSOB payment gateway – support for acceptance of payment cards from ČSOB
  • Braintree – a subsidiary of PayPal, support for credit card acceptance, easy data entry directly in a popup window on your website, remembered cards and recurring payments
  • Apple Pay – support for mobile app payments
  • Google Pay – support for mobile app payments

Accounting systems

We can connect to virtually any accounting system, read products, prices, customers, upload orders, invoices and credit notes.

  • Stormware Pohoda – connection to accounting and warehouse management, CZ and SK version, direct connection to SQL database (maximum speed), XML exports and imports and connection to mServer (customers, orders, invoices, stock levels)
  • Money S4/S5 – direct connection to SQL server of accounting system, reading of stock levels, prices, dealer and retail prices, discounts
  • K2 ERP – connection to accounting system, orders, goods, goods tree, translations and different currencies, stock levels, product descriptions, parameters
  • Helios Red – online connection to warehouse system, products, categories and order processing system
  • PREMIER System – connection to accounting system, orders, invoices, partners, stock levels, via API
  • Vision32 – connection to accounting system, orders, invoices, partners, stock levels, via API
  • InfoOffice – direct connection to SQL server / database, for products, prices, warehouses, order entry, support for transferring payment status info
  • eWay CRM – direct connection to the information system, embedded directly into Microsoft Outlook

Warehouse systems and carriers

Of course there is automatic printing of labels on Zebra printers, records of the exact stock position of goods, support for all existing carriers throughout the European Union.

  • Balíkobot – support for label printing, parcel tracking, parcel numbers, reshipment, tracking for customers
  • Czech Post – support for parcel dispatch, To Post, To Hand, Parcel, EMS, registered letter
  • PPL and PPL partner – support for parcel dispatch
  • Zásilkovna – support for parcel dispatch, including dispatch points and shipping services in other countries
  • Uloženka – support for parcel dispatch
  • Fedex, TNT, UPS, DHL
  • Liftago Express (for delivery in Prague by taxi)
  • Zebra TC25 readers and warehouse systém
  • Zebra label printers
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Currencies and languages

  • Support for unlimited currencies
  • Support for unlimited languages
  • Automated translation of product descriptions and names via parameters, Google Translate or DeepL translators
  • SEO optimization for specific language

Other features

  • Ability to distinguish different user access and rights to parts of the e-shop administration
  • Sales and profitability reports for management
  • Turnover and its calculation
  • Product Karma - intelligent sorting of products according to preset criteria
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<turnover and profit>

An e-shop needs to sell first of all, one should be able to promote it, the goods in the e-shop must be easy to find. We have all this perfectly solved.

Marketing and discount promotions

  • VIP club – loyalty cards and up-selling
  • Customer segmentation - based on products purchased, categories, brands, age, location
  • Gift vouchers - automatic generation of PDF gift voucher, including support for posting
  • Fixed discounts - discount coupons for a specific amount, limited by minimum order size and product range
  • Percentage discounts - percentage discount coupons applicable to retail price or regular selling price (after discount)
  • Turnover discounts - automatic discount applied based on the customer's turnover for a specific period
  • 1/2/3/4 + 1 free – free knitted cap with a jacket purchase?
  • Time-limited discounts and promotions - and communicating them clearly in the product detail works very well as an encouragment to buy

Transactional and marketing messages

  • SMS API and text messaging
  • Ecomail connection for emailing
  • Mailchimp connection for emailing
  • Sendgrid connection via API
  • Custom email / SMTP server (hMailServer), including SPF, TXT, DMARC, DKIM settings in DNS to make sure emails don't end up in spam
  • Twitter – support for sharing on Twitter
  • Facebook – support for sharing on Facebook


  • Luigi's Box – complete support for searching products, articles, categories, including filtering and with excellent analytics
  • ElasticSearch – custom search engine, equivalent to Luigi's Box, but without third party fees
  • Sphinx - complete support for advanced full-text search

Feeds and exports

  • Google Merchant – complete feed support
  • Heureka feed and Heureka availability feed – complete support
  • Zboží and Sklik – complete support for feeds
  • Slovakian NajNákup
  • Romanian Compari
  • Fashion Glami
<turnkey web-hosting>

We will deliver your turnkey e-shop, including web-hosting. Of course, you will also get full access to the server and you will be in full control of it.

Web-hosting services

  • Windows hosting – Windows 2019 Server managed by us, IIS, PHP 7.4 or 8.x, Redis 6.2, MariaDB 10.6, hMailServer 5.6, ElasticSearch 8, Bonobo Git Server
  • Linux hosting – external managed service, Nginx, PHP 7.4 / 8.x, Redis, MariaDB 10.6
<extracts from the e-shop administration>