Apps for iPhone and Android

We can deliver our e-shop with a native mobile application for all major platforms - Apple iOS (iPhone) and Google Android.

We develop it in React Native (Expo framework), it is fast, easy to use for customers, and its appearance is fully configurable from the back-end of your e-shop thanks to Widget Designer.

Are you tired of spending tens or hundreds of thousands per month on remarketing? A mobile application is often the right way to grow, the costs of notifications are negligible and conversions to orders are calculated here in tens of percent, instead of tenths as in e-mailing or remarketing.


Web for 6 countries + mobile app View online

For ZOOT and its sister company BIBLOO, we designed and led the development of a completely new mobile application for iOS and Android, written in React Native, with a connection to ZOOT's internal API. Development took place in just 4 months, the application was successfully launched on the Christmas market in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, and today it has over 100 thousand users.


Bageterie Boulevard

Mobile app View online

For Bageteria Boulevard, we developed a mobile application for Android and iOS that offers users an easy branch search, convenient food ordering, trouble-free login via social networks and secure Google Pay and Apple Pay payments. With features such as order tracking, coupon redemption, and user profile management, the app greatly increases customer comfort and service efficiency.



Web + mobile app View online

For SYNTEX we have delivered a mobile application for iPhone and Android for the sale of high-end audio and video technology products in more than 30 EU countries.



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We created a mobile app for accounting firm Trivi as an extension of their web portal. It allows clients to easily take photos, sort and upload documents, and thanks to it, they always have an overview of their accounting at hand. It is available for both iOS and Android.



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The 360pizza mobile app for Android and iOS is as great as their pizza. Customers can find the nearest branch in it, they assemble their favorite pizza and follow the order to the door. There are modern features such as map display, logging in via social networks, notifications, native payments via Google Pay and Apple Pay and more.



Web + mobile app, a start-up project for motorists where they can find traffic events, bazaar, new car sales, operational leasing, license plate messenger.

We designed a complete project that received an investment of over 16 million Kč, including a web portal and mobile applications for Android and iOS.



Web + mobile app

Do you know what your children are doing on their phones and where they are right now?

Startup mobile application and web portal, monitoring children's activities on Android phones and allowing parents to set rules - how much time children have for Facebook, Youtube, browser, games and when they should rather devote themselves to something else, like school. Geomonitoring and geolocation for children, with notification of exceptional events (for example, it's a weekday, after 8:00, and the child is still not at school).