We program large-scale customized e-shops and mobile applications.

Do you have an e-shop with hundreds of orders?
We've helped a number of companies scale it to thousands a day.

We do custom programming, everything exactly as you need. E-shops, mobile apps. And we love complex projects.

We are a family business, the owners always work for you, not junior staff. We want your project to succeed.

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ZOOT 6 domains
K2 accounting

SYNTEX 6 domains
4 currencies

A-Z TRADERS 5 domains
20 delivery countries

LIQUA 1 domain
2 countries

F-MOBIL 2 domains
40+ B2B vendors

STERBABIKE 30 years on the market
Helios connection

CHROMSERVIS 5 languages
K2 accounting

KRMENÍ 5 domains
3 currencies

ROXANART 2 domains
2 currencies

150 000 products

SWIS-SHOP 5 domains
150 000 products

EŠATNA 5 domains
150 000 products

<what do clients say about us?>

Ing. Miroslav Mikeš – A-Z TRADERS

We chose based on references from the market, as we need an e-shop solution with pre-programmed functions tailored to our business. Selling switchboards, chargers and regulation is not the same as selling t-shirts. We are also planning to expand abroad, for which the system is well prepared.

What we liked about Mr. Hulán was that he didn't ask us for an extremely sophisticated analysis, but created it himself. We want to focus on our business and not creating complex tasks.

Milan Polák

Milan Polák - ZOOT & DIFFERENT

After many meetings with many solution providers, we chose For one simple reason - we had a lot of ideas for new features and Mr. Hulán replied that it would not be a problem. And after our established cooperation, I have to say there really is not a problem. :-)

We invent new features almost every month, so there is always something new to do. A good and growing e-shop is a programmer’s never-ending story. So I'm really glad we have a reliable partner in it.

Tomáš Jarolím


For a long time we have been thinking about modernizing our e-shop and, but the unreliability of programming companies prevented us from doing so. Our dream started to come true after we decided to go with We had a vision to create together the best and most modern e-shop focused on fashion and sporting goods.

Thanks to the hassle-free and professional communication of Mr. Radek Hulán, we managed to turn our dream into reality quickly, efficiently and without any hitches.

Robert Štěrba

Robert Štěrba – ŠTĚRBABIKE

We run a shop with a 30-year tradition. Modernization of the e-shop with the help of Mr. Hulán brought us a lot of new customers. We wanted to make the selection of goods as easy as possible and to connect everything online to our warehouse and Helios the accounting system, and we have achieved this goal.

Mr. Hulán's team surprised us with their speed and professional solution, thanks to which we now run a bike e-shop at Ště and a presentation of vintage bikes at Ště


Jiří Štěpán – KRMENÍ & PROBBE

Due to the size of our e-shop turnover, we were concerned about the migration to the new e-shop platform. However, everything went perfectly professionally without a single failure. We should have decided to take this step earlier. Compared to the old website, the new one has a number of advantages.

All of this allows us to constantly improve the e-shop and we are extremely satisfied with this solution.


Jaroslav Potužník – F-MOBIL

We wanted to have a modern website and a dynamic e-shop, where we could offer our clients the maximum amount of goods in a well-arranged way, including the possibility to compare them with each other, receive alternative offers, and at the same time, navigate well in everything. Mr. Hulán's team helped us with everything and we continue to turn other ideas into reality.

The e-shop is now much more efficient, we can fill it with new products much more easily and sales are growing. We are happy and so are our customers, who can easily reach what they need. After seven years in business, the new e-shop is helping us to form the face of our brand.

Petr Bureš

Petr Bureš – KOLO & MTBS

It was not easy to find a company that would meet all our requirements for the development of new portals. attracted us with its good references for projects in our field and so we decided to switch to this editorial system.

Although we did not have a clear vision, Mr. Hulán's team pointed us in the right direction and together we created the thriving portals and

<what can we program?>

We focus on e-shops that want to grow

  • Our new customers are usually already running an e-shop, on an open-source or their own older system, but they are aware of the limitations of the existing solution. We will custom program everything you need, invent new features, analyze your needs, support your expansion abroad, connect online with your accounting, warehouse and POS systems, provide 24/7 support and consultation.
  • We will prepare your e-shop for further growth, from tens or hundreds of orders a day to thousands a day.
  • We work with a range of specialists in graphics, marketing, search engine optimization, emailing. And if we recommend them, we guarantee that everything will communicate and work perfectly together.
  • We will always deliver the project in great quality, at the agreed price and on time.
  • Any work we do will typically pay back in a matter of months, in increased website performance, turnover, margin.
  • Do you run your e-shop on Shoptet, PrestaShop, OpenCart, osCommerce or custom platform and want to grow without limits?

What can we program for you?

  • To the question "Can it be programmed?" our answer is always Yes.
    Of course, conditional on adequate time and money. :)
  • We can program anything.
    In reasonable time, for reasonable money :)
  • We are happy to help you. Write us, call us.